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HARI BHARWAD Harino Marag Vol.8
Gujarati Devotional
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Company Name - Ekta Sound

Singers : Hari Bharwad
Gujarati Bhajans


CD - 1

  1. Hamare Kirtan Me Aana
  2. Charan Kamalma Rakhjo
  3. Kabhi Ram Banke Kabhi Shyam Banke
  4. Tari Ek Ek Pal Jaye Lakhni
  5. Sacha Satsangma Re
  6. Shri Krushna Sharnammahah
  7. Gopal Maro Paraniye Jhoole Re
  8. Taali Padine Ram Naam Boljo Re
  9. Jena Mukhma Ramnu Naam Nathi
  10. Shyam Tujhe Milneka
  11. Karje Karje Naiya Paar
  12. Haare Tare Ek Din Javu Padshe
  13. Aaje Soune Jaishri Krishna
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