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Maa Amba Stuti, Thaal & Aarti
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Company Name - IM4U Bronze

Singers : Nayan Pancholi , Gargi Vora
Music : Appu

Maa Amba Stuti, Thaal & Aarti


CD - 1

  1. STUTI: Vishwambhari Stuti 6.36
     Nayan Pancholi & Gargi Vora
  2. THAAL: Arasurna Ambe Maa Tame Jaldi Jamva Aavo Ne 6:21
     Nayan Pancholi & Gargi Vora
  3. AARTI: Jai Aadhya Shakti 11:34
  4. GARBO: Anand No Garbo 22:29
     Nayan Pancholi & Gargi Vora
  5. CHALISA: Amba Chalisa 9:48
     Nayan Pancholi & Gargi Vora
  6. BAVANI: Amba Bavani 10:57
     Nayan Pancholi & Gargi Vora
  7. DHOON: Jai Jai Ambe Bol 2:55
     Nayan Pancholi & Gargi Vora

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