India is a culturally rich country and there are many music varieties originating from different cultures. Indian music has been shaped by many factors such as caste, tradition, and religion. India’s culture is diverse and so is its music.

The Indian Community in the United States:

Indian-Americans or Indo-Americans comprise about 1% of the total US population and they contribute to the economy in various ways. They have become entrepreneurs, doctors, scientists and engineers. The Indo-American community has also contributed to the development of Classical Indian Music in America by introducing Indian classical ragas to Western audiences through performances of Carnatic music at concerts, educational workshops, seminars and festivals.

India has a rich cultural heritage of music. Indian music is a mix of Carnatic and Hindustani classical genres. It also includes folk and regional music.

Indian music is polyphonic and based on a system of ragas or melodies with fixed compositions, rhythms, and patterns. The basic musical instrument in Indian classical music is the sitar while the one in Hindustani classical music is harmonium.

Music in India has been used for more than four thousand years to create a sense of calmness or tension that stands in contrast to the words of a song or recitation, thus conveying meaning more effectively.

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